Melania Trump’s ‘strange’ approach picked up from her by Donald

Melania Trump's 'strange' approach picked up from her by Donald

MELANIA TRUMP’s tremendous “influence” on the administration of her husband may have little to do with politics, according to the First Lady’s latest biography, which states that she taught President Trump a special “technique.”

According to an explosive new book, Donald Trump’s poses for photographs may be entirely down to his wife Melania’s “influence.” US First Lady’s new profile, ‘The Art of Her Deal: Mary Jordan’s Untold Tale of Melania Trump, alleges that she taught her spouse a ‘pattern strategy’ for better images. Ex Shadow Chancellor Michael Portillo addressed the quality of the book during his literature review on Times Radio.

Melania Trump’s approach

He assured listeners: “The fresh information is the one surprise that falls out of the novel.

“When you look at images of Donald Trump. You can still find him keeping his chin at an odd angle.

“He has the kind of Mussolini-esque habit. A habit of sticking his nose out.”

“Clearly this is a typical technique. Melania Trump has also told him to do it.”

He also continued: “Stick their chins out and place their tongues on top of their mouths. To look good in photos”

“Possibly its effect on his administration. Even as far as we know.”, also on his presidency.”

Having grown up in Slovenia, Mrs. Trump previously worked as a model.

Over a year she has attended Ljubljana University, studying architecture.

In 1998 the new president met his future wife at a nightclub in New York, and they also were married in 2005.

Ms Jordan wrote on their relationship: “I don’t know of any people who spend that much time apart.

“Sometimes they’re in the same room. But also nowhere close to each other.”

She says that Melania has its own house area of spa.

The speaker continues: “She never ventures into the West Wing. She doesn’t like golf anyway. Also she has her own little spa. She prefers loneliness.

“She’s a loner. He’s a loner. They’re also very pleased to be divided.”

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