Meghan Markle wants to publish her new biography ASAP

Meghan Markle wants to publish her new biography ASAP

Meghan Markle is eager to take back charge of her character.

Once Meghan and her partner, Prince Harry, took the shocking decision earlier this year to step down from their roles as top working royals, Meghan’s interactions with the U.K. public. The Decision was reported to be a major factor. Now, reportedly the former actress is eager to get her side of the story out and out to the public.

Meghan Markle’s new biography

In Seeking Equality, the story is set to go public: Harry, Meghan Markle and the Making of a Modern Royal Family, a recent royal biography by journalists Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand The book is scheduled to be released online worldwide on August 11, (with the hard copy hitting the shelves on August 20), and that date apparently can not come soon enough for the Duchess of Sussex.

“The book will be live tomorrow instead of three months from now if Meghan had things her way”. A royal insider told the Daily Mail. “She said the book will finally put the record straight and show the world why they had no choice but to leave the royal life.”

Meghan Markle believes the book will give the world a clearer picture of who she actually is. Beyond the rumours that appear through the papers. According to insiders. The source expounded:

She badly needs to smash this picture. The picture of becoming a greedy diva in her search for popularity and influence. That was disrespectful to royal staffers and others. She said the book would serve to create a clean slate for her and Harry. Meghan believes people will eventually grasp the immense pain and chaos of a straight upper lip she had to suffer. Meghan said that viewers wanted to see her weak side, which the book is doing in great detail. I think [Meghan] wants people to feel sorry for her, or at least have compassion for her and everything she’s been through that has been anything but a fairy tale.


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