John Lennon biography, discussing the last year of his life

John Lennon biography, discussing the last year of his life

A recent biography of John Lennon is to examine the last year of his life.

Drawing on new interviews, music historian Kenneth Womack’s book ‘John Lennon 1980: The Last Days Of The Life’ is set to dig into the Beatles legend’s return “powerful, life-affirming tale,” after five years of self-imposed retirement.

Publisher Omnibus Press states in a press release: “This is the story of how he lived, rather than how he died.”

John Lennon: The final year

The news came soon after the 11th time Lennon’s murderer Mark David Chapman-who shot the singer outside his apartment in Manhattan in December 1980-was denied parole and is now set to serve at least two more years behind bars for the murder.

Chapman was initially sentenced to 20 years to life in goal.

He is currently completing his term at the Wende Correctional Center in New York and Parole’s New York State Board has reported that his recent bid for parole was rejected after an interview on 19 August.

Chapman was first recommended for parole in 2000, but his appeals were persistently denied, and he is due to come before the board in 2022.

Prior to that, Chapman admitted to having “more and more” remorse over losing the pop icon last year.

By the time he was 27, John Lennon had already reached unparalleled heights of fame, riches and popularity. Despite being as lazy as a sunshine cat sitting by a mouse factory. Noted by those who experienced it first-hand. When left to his own devices, Lennon would wander off into a daze for days on end. Floating through fields with his open mind to locations that needed no prescription transportation. But sometimes he had it too.

Constantly needing to be scratched off the roof from becoming a pop star. A live peace artist and a celebrity before eventually flying away forever. As a martyr to rock and roll idolatry. John’s musical ambition was so much at odds with his emotional malaise. That it’s a small wonder he’s done something at all. Maureen Cleave, peddler of ‘Bigger than Heaven’ said of Lennon. “He will sleep nearly forever… he is undoubtedly the laziest guy in England.”

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