The story of Joe Biden is his family’s story

The story of Joe Biden is his family’s story

The story of the political career of Joe Biden is inextricable from his family’s story, entwined like a double helix of DNA in his personal biography. It’s a duality that the Democratic Party underlined at Thursday night’s closing of its national convention that lionized Biden as a family man seeking to restore American political life to a sense of normalcy.

Biden’s first wife, Neilia Hunter Biden, and their infant daughter, Naomi, died in a 1972 auto crash — weeks after Biden won his first US race. The Senate — lent Biden the pathos that would remain with him as a senator for the remainder of his career and as the vice president of Barack Obama.

A second one book-ended that founding tragedy in 2015, when Biden ‘s son Beau died of brain cancer at age 46. The death of Beau Biden reportedly prevented Biden from pursuing his long-held dream of winning the Democratic Presidential nomination in 2016, which he had tried twice before until finally succeeding in this year.

Biden’s two surviving children, Ashley and Hunter, also spoke briefly in per-recorded remarks. In praise of their father on Thursday night. “He was a really great father,” said Hunter Biden. “And we think he’s going to be a great President,” said Ashley Biden.

Family of Joe Biden in public

Hunter Biden’s public appearance during his father’s campaign has been a relatively rare one. President Trump’s allies attacked Joe Biden for much of the Democratic primary contest. The contest over Hunter Biden’s lucrative position as a board member for Burisma Holdings. A controversial Ukrainian energy company. The former Top Prosecutor of Ukraine later said he saw no evidence of younger Biden’s wrongdoing.

Last year, the House impeached Trump for pressuring Ukraine to investigate its political rivals, including Joe Biden. And for obstructing Congress by attempting to block access to witnesses and documents by House investigators. The Senate acquitted him at trial.

Ashley Biden is Joe’s daughter and Jill Biden is his second wife. Before he died, she had accompanied her brother Beau to their chemotherapy sessions.

The Democrats broadcast a montage tribute to Beau Biden, who served as a soldier and was elected attorney-general for Delaware. The montage closed with an excerpt from Beau’s speech at the Democratic National Committee in 2008. In which he exhorted Democrats. “Be there for my father, just as he was also for me.”

Also featured in the convention were four granddaughters from Joe Biden. They described the nominee as an attentive grandfather calling all the time. And they said that they held a family meeting urging him to run for president.

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