Jean-Pierre Marongiu: “Qatar is an Islamist tyranny”

Jean-Pierre Marongiu with his wife

According to Al-Arabiya, company manager, Jean-Pierre Marongiu, who spent 1,744 days in the dark prisons, is the author of “InQarcere”; a book about his misfortune and mistreatment in one of the worlds most sought-after tourist and business destinations in the world — Qatar.

He recalls: “Qatar is a very small area of ​​sand, which is surrounded by oil and gas fields, and has become probably the richest country in the world. But the population is very small. According to Marongiu, Qatar is a country of modern slavery. This management expert did not intend to settle there even if he is used to expatriation.

Although hesitant at first, he packed his bags and headed to Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris, France. He came to Qatar, a small country in the Middle East, driven by dreams of success and wealth. What seemed to be a simple business trip at the time, quickly turned into Jean’s worst nightmare.

Jean-Pierre Marongiu: “Qatar practices modern slavery”

Jean-Pierre is an internationally recognized management expert in construction projects and installation of oil and gas structures. Holding conferences all over Europe, a delegation from Qatar Petroleum approached him once in London and then again in Rome, to set up a work training facility in Doha. He initially rejected, then accepted under certain circumstances, what he believed at the time to be consistent with his country’s ethic, values and independence.

He then moved to Doha.

“Everything worked very well for six years until the sponsor – which means godfather in the mafia sense of the word – decides to get the company back to integrate into his group of companies.”

Jean-Pierre Marongiu

Qataris are sponsors to many companies. This is by default almost an obligation in Qatar. But Jean-Pierre’s sponsor was part of the royal family. What can possibly go wrong?

One day he was asked to give up his company. “I had invested 2,350,000 euros, which are the savings of a lifetime”. He therefore agrees to sell his shares for 3 million euros.

After six years of success, the sponsor suggested that he merge Pro and Sys into his group of companies, and he invested € 2 million and 350 euros in the company, so he asked for a 10% return on his capital.

The sponsor told him he would not get a penny, that the company owned his own, under the sponsorship system, and gave him one week to leave Qatar, but he refused to lose all his life savings.

After one month, the sponsor canceled the bank accounts of the company, and the bank refused a series of security checks, and they were about twenty checks.

“The Ambassador of France was complicit in my arrest”

They told him that their society belongs to them only, and if he did not agree to release the company immediately, they would organize a board meeting to force take it. Since Jean was in the minority, they would simply take everything. Jean politely asked them to leave, but they threatened him: “You will never come out of Qatar again, neither you nor your family“.

The prison life of Jean-Pierre Marongiu
The prison life of Jean-Pierre Marongiu. PHOTO: Google

However, in Qatar, every NSF check is punishable by one to two years in prison. With all the checks made to house the employees, he settles what he can, but there are still twelve checks for an amount of around 300,000 euros. He and his family were forbidden to leave the country:
“I fought, in the physical sense, to get my family out of Qatar, I bribed an immigration officer so that my children and my wife could go home”. He then found himself in the street, no income, no place to sleep.

He buys a boat with money that friends sent him, goes to Bahrain to the French consul, who advises him to declare himself as illegal. The next day, the Coast Guard stopped him and imprisoned him. The ambassador was therefore an accomplice. He will remain five years in prison in Qatar. He says: “We slept in a blockhouse without ventilation, without light … People died and corpses remained in the corridors”.

At the end, in his own words, “Qatar is an Islamist tyranny that finances Shiite and Sunni terrorist organizations.”

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