The First lady blocked Ivanka from converting her office

The First lady blocked Ivanka from converting to 'Office of the First Couple'

Although Melania Trump was having a difficult time transitioning. Into her new role as the First Lady of America. According to a new book she was determined not to let stepdaughter Ivanka Trump get in her way.

Many will remember the unwavering presence of Ivanka at the side of her father Donald Trump throughout his presidential campaign and beyond. In a recent book of Mrs. Trump, The Art of Her Contract, Washington Post writer Mary Jordan, earning the Pulitzer Award, describes the competition of the first lady with her stepdaughter, who reportedly assumed control after the election of her father. (Excerpts from the novel, due Tuesday, were released by The Washington Post.)

The First Lady

According to Jordan, who based her book off more than 100 interviews, Trump‘s 2016 election victory came as a surprise to him. So much so that he had made plans to play golf in Scotland “immediately after the election. Therefore, he didn’t have to see Hillary Clinton bask in her success.”

When the results of the election arrived and Trump was declared president. He and his wife had to adjust quickly to their new roles. One ‘s mother, 50, decided to do so while living with her friend, Barron, at their luxurious Trump Tower penthouse in New York City. According to Jordan, the change was as a tool to renegotiate the prenuptial deal with her partner.

Ivanka, 38, was as an advisor to her father’s government in her early absence at the White House. Based out of the West Wing. During this time, “personnel positions and budgets that would be available to support the office of the first lady” were “in a redirect. To support those in the West Wing including Ivanka.”

Reportedly, Trump’s eldest daughter even attempted to get her presidential father. To rename the “First Lady’s Office” to the “First Family Office.”

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