Recent biographies show Enid Lindeman’s scandalous tales

Recent biographies show Enid Lindeman's scandalous tales

Today ‘s tale refers to a recently published novel by Robert Wainwright, simply entitled Enid. It’s about a woman who is incredibly rich, plagued by wicked rumors. The title of the book’s Enid is the tall and exotic Enid Lindeman, the grand-daughter of Dr Henry Lindeman, the Hunter Valley wine pioneer.

Initially, I purchased a copy in the intention of knowing a bit more about Henry Lindeman who had put Australia on the world stage in terms of wine production by the time he died in 1881. He’s buried in East Gresford, and his sons then developed the family company into the largest wine producer and most productive exporter in the world.

Enid Lindeman’s life

Much later, the Lindeman family relocated its business into the Queen Victoria Building in Melbourne, in George Street, where the sandstone basement was turned into one massive wine cave.

The five sons of Henry Lindeman retained hold of the family‘s wine business. Although they were going to marry their sisters instead. So one sister married a doctor, another a politician, and a third a lawyer. However, two other sisters married the sons of competing vineyard owners, cementing greater relations with the wine industry in the country.

Yet according to Wainwright ‘s latest biography, it was a grand-daughter. The glamorous and independent Enid Lindeman. Who outshone them all, a crisply told and elegantly written story.

The determined Enid Lindeman never should have become a spinster. Eventually marrying four times, Enid was a fun-loving Australian socialite. Who handled diverse fortunes across three continents, and spent much of her career abroad. She fascinated the world, aged almost 81, until her death in January 1973.

Where do you start telling her theory? The Strathfield sport-fad kid achieved everything. She was a six foot tall statuesque with sparkling turquoise hair. Her school nickname was Diana, a hunting reference to the holy roman goddess.

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