Songwriter Stuart Coupe Is Releasing a Biography of Paul Kelly

Songwriter Stuart Coupe Is Releasing a Biography of Paul Kelly

Upon ending your home library after the COVID-19 lockout, if you’re looking for a fresh book, one of Australia’s best songwriters publishes a biography on none other than Australian rock hero Paul Kelly.

Kelly’s former boss Stuart Coupe takes us behind the scenes and gives us an unfiltered look at Kelly’s life’s struggles and tribulations on the stage as well as off.

Coupe takes us through Paul Kelly ‘s childhood as the sixth of nine children (yes NINE). Growing up in Sydney and the teenager’s transformation from picking up his first ever instrument. To being one of Australia’s most popular household names in musical history.

The book leaves little unturned stone, exposing Paul Kelly’s alcohol problems, achievements, defeats, and remarkable accolades of his life.

Coupe makes a point of describing Kelly‘s intimate relationships and how as an actor and storyteller they influenced him.

Not only was Paul Kelly an outstanding guitarist but he also had immense popularity on stage and on screen. Ultimately earning an Australian Order for his contributions to the performing arts. Both as a singer, songwriter both artists.

The novel gives readers an unpolished understanding of what it was like for Paul Kelly, told by someone who was willing to witness Paul Kelly’s it & career ‘s numerous highs and downs.

‘The guy, the music and the life in between’ will be available for download. The price is $32.99 in paperback in August 2020 or also $14.99 in Ebook. So keep your eyes open for more information!

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