An American citizen has been arrested in Russia over suspected spying

An American citizen has been arrested in Russia over suspected spying

The FSB, Russia’s domestic security service stated on Monday that they have detained an American citizen suspected of spying in Moscow. The agency stated that the American had been detained two days back and a criminal case has been opened against him.

The officials have not released any details about the nature of the alleged espionage. The US Embassy in Moscow has not released any statement yet.

Paul Whelan is the name of the alleged spy and no other details of him or the charges were announced by the Public Relations Center of the Ministry.

A police statement however read: “On October 28 members of the Federal security services of the Russian Federation arrested US citizen Paul Whelan in Moscow for carrying out espionage.

“The necessary investigations are ongoing.”

Many critics are stating that this may be Russia’s tit-for-tat response to the arrest of the spy, Maria Butina, in the United States.

Maria Valeryvena Butina is a Russian citizen and alleged spy who had pleaded guilty earlier this month on conspiracy to act illegally as an unregistered Russian foreign agent in the US. She was arrested in Washington DC by the FBI and charged with acting as an agent of the Russian Federation “without prior notification to the Attorney General.”

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Featured Image: Mirror UK