Al Houthi rebels commit barbaric acts in Hajjah province

Al Houthi rebels commit barbaric acts in Hajjah province

Al-Houthi’s coup d’état carried out a terrible crime that shook the public opinion in Hajjah province and provoked the tribesmen as a “black flaw” in the tribal customs. They were interrupted by the daughters of the two daughters of their cousins who lived in Marib governorate.

According to a source from the authorities in the province of Hajjah, a press statement briefed by “Al-Manara Net”, that the point of the Houthi militia, in the Directorate of Reda in the province of Al-Bayda, called the militias, “Abu Hashim” stopped the wedding procession of Alastien, last Thursday. They refused the passage of the car belonging to the bride on the pretext that they will bleed for what they called the “Marib in Marib.”

The source added: “Not only did the Houthi gunmen stop the car, they forced the Arabs to get out of the car and put them aside and assaulted them by shaving their heads and threatened them saying that “ if they agree to the wedding again or thought of going to Magrib again worst would happen” And ultimately forced the driver to return.

The source pointed out that this terrible crime shook the public opinion as a violation of all the values ​​and principles and tribal customs and the traditions of our Yemeni society and the true teachings of our Islamic religion, which rejects the violation of women’s sanctity and symptoms.

He pointed out that the tribes of the province are still considering ways to respond to this crime, which was a shock to all and can not be tolerated.