A Town in Greece has an explosion of spider webs every year !

A Town in Greece has an explosion of spider webs every year !

Every two years this western town in Greece witnesses the most grossest thing ever. The town of Aitoliko is resident to spiders of Genus Tertagnatha commonly known as stretch spiders due to the way they look.

If you are up for it watch the video that shows how this spider covered trees, shrubs with its web.

These spiders mostly live near water and live in US and Europe. Neither is the Tertagnatha spider nor the web they weave dangerous to humans or the flora in the area.

Molecular biologist Maria Chatzaki explained that ” These spiders will have their party and will die soon”. The biggest web these spiders have woven was back in 2015 when the webbing covered an are the size of a football field, this phenomenon of giant size webbing occurs ever few years.

The spiders create this giant webbing when they find abundance of food, sufficient humidity and high temperatures – all these conditions make it perfect to grow their population. The locals are aware of this large webbing and are not completely disgusted because these spiders eat mosquitoes , Chatzaki noted that mosquitoes have been seen in the area in greater numbers than usual.