Iran and Qatar’s recent collaboration

Iran and Qatar’s recent collaboration

Recently Britain and France have suspended all their connecting flights to Iran. However Iran has already found help from someone in the form of Qatar. Qatar will likely be providing the support Iran needs with its flights.

through reliable sources it is said that several planes belonging to Qatar airways will be transferred to Iran. The essential element is that the logo and the colors of the plane will be totally changed from the outside and the inside of the plane.

Basically, these planes will be converted in order to make it suitable for Iran’s aviation needs. As this decision can not be made by anyone it is certain that the order came directly from the person who has the highest authority in Qatar and that is the Emir, Tamim.

Furthermore, there are possibilities that there will be a decline in the relations with the US as America wants to stop the influence of Iran in this region.

Some sources have also mentioned that there was a phone call which took place between the President of Iran and the Qatari Emir, Rouhani had thanked him for his kind action.

The fact is that there have been several accusations been levied at the civil aviation service of Iran on account of suspicious operations. Allegations have also been made that the service was also involved in the transfer of security elements and weapons in civilian clothes to many Arab and Asian countries.

During telephone conversation between the Emir of Qatar and the president of Iran another point popped up. Hassan Rouhani-President of Iran, asked the Qatari Emir to let Iranian companies to take part in the different construction projects that are going to take place in the 2022 world cup in Qatar.

Rouhani also stated that the companies placed in Iran are ready to deliver engineering and technical services to Qatar for the various construction projects carried out. The Qatar Emir also spoke about improving ties with Iran in different fields.