Artificial intelligence where is it going …

Artificial intelligence where is it going …

Artificial intelligence where is it going …

AI – Artificial Intelligence is a concept that has been under development since humans have dreamt of robots… a world where machines can be fully integrated with humans. It is currently a million dollar industry with many large corporations investing in to either make manufacturing processes easier, for better handling of logistics, smoother customer service , healthcare and even driving.

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Though several tech giants such as Tesla, Sir Tim Berners-Lee, Professor Stephen Hawking and Eric Schmidt have all invested to certain types of AI they all want to put a control mechanism in place. Elon Musk quotes that further developing AI is like a pandora box that once opened can never be closed. They all believe that it can completely eliminate the tasks of mankind and thanks to the development of machine learning can learn to adapt and outright replace or even get rid of Humans.

Despite fears there were many technologies that awed the human race :

  1. Speech Recognition – The Speech to text conversion has been the most simplest and important step into the AI world. They are currently used in applications and interactive voice response systems. The most popular being Dragon Professional Individual, OpenText, NICE.
    Siri’ from apple was the most famous virtual agent that works based on converting voice to text and performs tasks like looking up information, messaging, calling and playing songs at request but the newest darling of the virtual world happens to be ‘Alexa’ on Amazon’s latest speaker called Echo she is far more interactive than Siri in terms of response and can perform more tasks as well.  
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  2. Biometrics – As securing data is becoming more important so is understanding the individual that will operate it. Biometrics aren’t just about scanning a finger print anymore, mobile and all smart devices are being fitted with softwares and systems that can unlock based on facial recognition, body measurements, retinal pattern, and or behaviours.Image result for biometric
  3. Virtual agents – Chatbots and Virtual agents are flourishing in the world of retail, where quick and shorter response time is needed to tend to customers. E commerce and banks are obsessed with further developing ChatBots as they gather information from the customer via simple means such as telephones, text or even online chat which can then be forwarded to the right department thus saving time and being able to provide the customer service representative with the customers data thus being able to respond much faster.Image result for chatbots
  4. Data Scientists – Engineers were on high demand to develop technologies that were needed for coping with future needs, but the demand for Data scientists are skyrocketing to tend to the rise of AI. Why Data Scientists you ask it’s because data scientists are those that can provide a yes or no answer to questions and essentially these answers are fed to the data the AI engines run on. IBM stated that it would need to hire 3 million data scientists by 2020.
  5. Google Deepmind Health – Healthcare is one of the most important sectors where AI is making important strides. In the movie Big Hero 6 – the robot ‘Baymax’ is an artificial intelligence robot that treats patients relying and assessing data of thousands of medical procedures. Google in cooperation with NHS foundation Trust – Moorfields Eye Hospital is using Big data to treat eyes of patients though it’s still in its initial stages , this is a huge step as it speedens availability of information and is available at the blink of an eye. Alphabet the company that recently invested 20 Million dollars into AI technology is also working on genetic data collection initiative – the data collected from this initiative will enable users to analyse what makes people healthy at the click of a button.Image result for google deepmind health

There are loads more events that are happening hopefully will list them in part 2 of the ongoing series of AI Trends.

Featured Photo by Franck V.